Abito Sonoro is a wearable device with embedded sensors, it is conceived to collect data from the contacts and proximity of the wearer. The information read by the sensors drives the parameters of a software synthesizer programmed in the device; with sounds, Abito creates a metaphorical perception of the space surrounding a subject.

We conceived this project as an open testing bench, rather than aiming for a specific result, we realized several prototypes and the project is currently running. Its continuous development reflects the release of new technologies and our creative drive. It allows data collection from the contacts and proximity of the wearer. Producing a sound shaped by the data flow, Abito Sonoro creates a metaphorical perceptualization of the space surrounding a subject.

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data, auditory perception has advantages in temporal, spatial, amplitude, and frequency resolution that open possibilities as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques.

The device aims to be used in various fields of research, in the first instance, it is conceived as an art piece inquiring sound-space synesthesia displayable in the form of a contemporary performance or interactive installation involving one or more users wearing the suit. Abito 4.1 can indisputably be a tool for activities and researches related to legally protected status |sensory and mental dysfunctions| and pedagogy, moreover an important outcome of the production will be the realization of a workshop to discuss and teach both the textile and technological aspects.


The team works avails itself of three elements with broad proficiencies in Textile Design (Federica Terracina), Robotics (Gioele Villani), and Sound Design (Francesco Zedde).

Federica Terracina >>> https://lnx.incrediblefox.com

Gioele Villani >>> https://gioelevillani.com