Tonto's Samplestretch Massacre #1 - Expanded, Inflated & Stretched Out! (2023)

released February 3, 2023

Gross Diskos proudly presents “Tonto’s Samplestretch Massacre # 1 – Expanded, Inflated & Stretched Out!”, as the third release from the label, since 2021’s Slow Bicycle.

Out digitally today Friday February 3rd 2023 and and physically on custom dressed extravaganza cassette edition supreme on Thursday 23rd February 2023.

Gross Diskos brand new third release of Tonto’s “Samplestretch Massacre #1” is an expanded cassette tape edition with the 6 tracks of the original EP remixed and/or reconstructed by artists who are inspired sufficiently to offer their individual treatment to the sonic outpour of Francesco Zedde (aka Tonto), making this a very special cassette/digital musical gem that will potentially further enhance the life of beautifully minded listeners out there!

V A - Protos Orofos - 12 (2023)

released January 24, 2023

This is a compilation of bands and musicians who played live at Protos Orofos from November 2019 to February 2020, including those who performed live at the event co-organized with Antigono, Suburban Crew and Ibex Konsipa at Suburbia on May 2022.

released January 23, 2023

Information about the artists
Rats in Ruin:
Thio Maho:
PS Stamps Back:
Death Drive:

Lampredonto - ! Wasted ! (2022)

released June 29, 2022

“! WASTED !” is the first collaborative output by Lampreda (aka Simone Vassallo) and Tonto (aka Francesco Zedde), two percussionists/producers/noisers based in Italy, who have been active for over a decade in the European underground circuit. Such a two-headed creature is collectively known as Lampredonto.

The duo’s creative process implies improvising in the studio, with a setup reduced to a minimum: two percussion kits played live, with no click track or overdubs, and a dash of real-time electronics. Songs are then edited and arranged by cut-and-paste. Being extremely physical, Lampredonto’s music speaks primarily to the body. After having devoured and digested traditional rhythms from all over the world, the duo spits them out blended into a noisy, industrial esperanto that is meant to crush every dancefloor.
On this astonishing debut, the duo's peculiar sonic mixture is further enhanced by a handful of talented guests. The frantic title-track features Mark Stewart (The Pop Group/Maffia) and artist/musician Peter Harris ranting about the brutal commodification of human existence, over what can only be described as the sound of charging buffaloes. "Naked Safari", a pseudo-dubstep track haunted by feedbacks, backs up the dialogue between (Italian jazz-punk virtuoso) Andrea Caprara’s saxophone and (Icelandic musician) Unnur Malín Sigurðardóttir’s euphonium. In “Taiho”, a free-form wall of percussions stands opposite Jacopo Andreini's (Arrington de Dionyso/The Master Musicians of Jajouka) psychedelic Bouzouki.

The album also includes 5 remixes/reworks, thanks to the contribution of a few kindred spirits, who dismembered and reassembled the title-track to reach surprising results. In “Body Waste” Portuguese sound designer Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (HHY and The Macumbas/HHY and the Kampala Unit) stresses the tribal nature of the song, turning it into an obsessive, nocturnal techno track. On "Toxic Waste" Mark Stewart himself, along with Dutch producer Uncle Fester On Acid (aka Patrick Dokter, Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound associate), applies his typical cut-up methodology to give birth to a bass-laden sonic behemoth. On “Lo-Fi Waste” Florentine producer HZHA squeezes the title-track into a middle-eastern-flavoured sliver. "Wasted X", by Italian-American DJ Michael Byrne, unveils the dancing potential of the original track, turning it into IDM élite. ”On The Run (Wasting Thrax)”, by Egyptian producer Polonius, completely dismembers the track, making it a piece of abstract art.

"! WASTED !" artwork is curated by Italian artist/animator Simone Brillarelli. Each LP cover is hand-crafted and a unique piece of art. The EP is a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.

released June 29, 2022
"! WASTED !" lyrics by PETER HARRIS
"Toxic Waste" contains a drum sample from Keith LeBlanc's “Essential Trilogy”
"! WASTED !", "Naked Safari", "Taiho" recorded by FRANCESCO ZEDDE / SIMONE VASSALLO and mixed by SIMONE VASSALLO

Tonto - Functional Stupidity (2022)

released April 9, 2022

All songs are composed and played by Tonto, Lili Refrain, Diego Castioni, So Beast, Andrea Marinelli, Napo xyz, Paola Paganhate between Agust 2020 and June 2021 at Cabot Cove, Bologna. Cadono Teste cover of Un Quarto Morto.

Recorded and mixed by Diego Castioni at Cabot Cove, Bologna. Master by Claudio Adamo at Fonoprint Studio, Bologna. Produced by Grandine records and Tonto
Artwork by Sdolz.

Bruxisme - Tape Compilation - Vol 1 (2022)

released February 22, 2022


Bruxisme (du grec brugmos βρυγμος): mouvement inconscient sans but précis de l'appareil manducateur, soit par serrement soit par mouvements latéraux, aussi appelé "grincement de dents".

Plus d'infos sur:

released February 22, 2022

Agalma - Agalma XII (2022)

released January 27, 2022

Magnús T. Eliassen - Drums
Fra Zedde - Drums & Custom Synthesizer
Diego Manatrizio - Guitar
John McCowen - Contrabass Clarinet
Guðmundur Arnalds - Laptop

Recorded in Post-Húsið august 2021 by Örlygur Steinar Arnalds.
Mixing: Örlygur Steinar Arnalds
Mastering: Guðmundur Arnalds
Cover: Diego Manatrizio

released January 27, 2022

Tonto - Cerbiatto EP (2021)

released October 25, 2021

Produced by
Grandine Records

Released 25 October 2021

All songs performed by Tonto in August 2020 at Cabot Cove, Bologna Track 2 side A remixed by Hate Limbs
Track 3 side A remixed by Rico Gamondi (Uochi Toki)
Vocals on “Macboos” by Paola Paganhate (Procrastinators)
Guitar on “Oh” by Frè Zocca (Lleroy)
Recorded and mixed by Diego Castioni at Cabot Cove, Bologna Mastered by Claudio Adamo at Fonoprint Studio, Bologna
Artwork by Tonto and Lili Refrain

Suikeroom - My Attention Has Always Caught My Attention (2021)

released June 1, 2021

Suikeroom consists of the duo Francesco Zedde and Lukas Simonis. They were caught playing weird sounds in the Worm Studio in 2019, initially without any bad intentions, but drifting off to good intentions with the kind of attention span they could provide was too much to ask. So what happened was a recording that attended to a submerged attention with an unattended form of ascension, did even look like an instigation for prevention. But what kind of prevention? There’s all kinds of pretensions, as soon as they have your attention. Now don’t get me wrong on this, but are we talking about music here? If so, could I please be more specific. Do I intend to be funny? Well, my intentions on this matter are that I try to attend in words what the music apprehends in sounds. Call it an amendment for attention, the kind of attention that has your attention.
I hope this promotion text will tell you all you want to know to obtain the CD we’re offering here. Or at least buy some invisible digital files. It will improve your life, that’s for sure.
About the two ‘musicians’; Zedde comes from Italy, is a drummer and electronic wizard, organizes lots of concerts that do improv and is a decent chap. Simonis comes from Rotterdam and drinks beer, preferably in cans. If you want to know more, try google.

released June 1, 2021

Produced by z6records

francesco zedde - no input mixing
lukas simonis - guitar, blippoo box

Tonto - Live edition #8 (2021)

released May 17, 2021


Produced by Econore

Recorded live by Tonto at Freakout, Bologna, 8.9.2020
Mixed and mastered by Tonto in November 2020

Cover picture by Alessio Bucciero

released May 15, 2021

Alaskan Pipeline - Jenny Got A Taste Of The Alaskan Dragon Today (2021)

released February 14, 2021

Produced by

Dischi Devastanti Sulla Faccia
SFA Records
Fresh Outbreak Records

Released February 14, 2021


Recorded at Cabot Cove, Bologna 2018
Mix / master: Alaskan Pipelines
Lyrics by Jacopo Mittino
Artwork by Francesco Cornacchia

Nicola Amato, Guitar
Filippo Bonelli, Bass
Jacopo Mittino (52HeartsWhale), Vocals
Francesco Zedde (Tonto), Drums

V.A. - lifeforms in​-​between vagabonding enemy​-​signal​-​to​-​interference (2020)

released July 19, 2020





Produced by Attenuation Circuit

Includes "Trotar" by Francesco Zedde (track 2)

cover art by Claus Poulsen (
design by EMERGE

released July 19, 2020

Diarrheal Blast - North Western Raid (2020)

released July 9, 2020


Produced by Chronic Fadigue

Limited edition tape

released July 9, 2020

Paolo Gaiba-Riva: Electronics
Valadja Petrescu (Fra Zedde): Electronics

V.A. - ruptured heretical yeasts talking hours more sensically (2020)

released January 19, 2020


Produced by Attenuation Circuit

Including Workout Worship by Lampredonto

Francesco Zedde (Tonto): percussions, electronics +
Simone Vassallo (Lampreda): percussions

released January 19, 2020

Klaustrophobie - Klang gathered V.A. (2020)

released January 19, 2020


A new single by Tacet Tacet Tacet is included in "Klaustrophobie", a lovely compilation by the lovely people at Klang, Rome.

Skakki is the Icelandic word for "bent" or "pendant", this track was composed and recorded in the farm where Unnur Malin Sigurðardóttir, Arnar Sigurbjartsson, and their child Unnstein live, in the middle of the amazing Icelandic countryside, in June 2018

released January 19, 2020

Valadja Petrescu - Wɜrkaʊt (2019)

released November 18, 2019


Digital release by Nailed Nazarene Industries


released November 18, 2019

V.A. - dawn after rain kept all misty beasts in elapsed neo tubes (2019)

released October 26, 2019


Produced by Attenuation Circuit

Includes Sktchng by Tacet Tacet Tacet

released October 26, 2019

Tonto + My Sweet Kalashnikov feat MC Gola (2019)

released March 25, 2019


Produced by Still Fucking Angry

Limited edition of 50 tapes

released March 25, 2019

Diarrheal Blast - S/T (2019)

released February 16, 2019


Produced by Turgid Animal Records
Limited edition of 50 tapes, 50 CDs

released February 16, 2019

Paolo Gaiba-Riva: clarinet, electronics
Valadja Petrescu (Fra Zedde): drums, electronics
Nicola Vinciguerra: fecalizer, electronics

Kill the all free jazz impro artists! We hate Borbetomagus. Piss off John Coltrane. Asshole Painkiller. Suck Fushitsusha. Fuck Large Unit. We love disco sound. Vomit eat shit free jazz impro sound.

Valadja Petrescu / 52HeartsWhale - 2018 - Scilla & Cariddi

released December 14, 2018




Produced by Toxic Industries
Limited edition, handmade tapes

released December 14, 2018

52HeartsWhale (Jacopo Mittino): electronics
Valadja Petrescu (Fra Zedde): electronics

Tonto - Excerpts #4 (2018)

released November 19, 2018



Produced by:
Edwood Records
Musica Per Organi Caldi
Bloody Sound Fucktory
Narvalo Suoni
OhDear Records
Koe Records
Rumori In Cantina
Still Fucking Angry
UR Suoni
Weird Tapes Rekords

Distribuited by Audioglobe

released November 19, 2018

All tunes performed on 31/4/2018 by Tonto and 52-Hearts Whale (keyboard on track 10)
Recorded by Claudio La Rosa at Dalek Studio, Messina
Mixed and Mastered by Tonto at EPAL Underground Studio
Artwork by Sdolz

Tacet Tacet Tacet - Perpetual (2017)

released November 22, 2017


Produced by 
Tacet Tacet Tacet
Eclectic Polpo

released November 22, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Zedde at EPAL Undeground Studio, Jesi (AN)
between January 2016 and August 2017
Vocals on “Perpetual” by Rea Dubach, Luigi Monteanni, Lisa Luminari
Artwork by Nicola Amato

Tonto - Live #1 (2017)

released November 18, 2017


Produced by
Selva Elettrica
Still Fucking Angry 

Limited edition of 100 CDs

Artwork by Tonto, Nicola Amato, Marco Cagnoni

released November 18, 2017

All tracks performed and recorded by Tonto between October 2016 and May 2017 in various locations in Europe
Mixed and mastered by Tonto at Epal Underground Studio

Jungle Judgin' / Holypalms remix compilation (2017)

released April 25, 2017


Produced by Artetetra

released April 25, 2017

Compiled by Artetetra
Mastered by Francesco Zedde
Artwork by Zurkas Tepla

Artetetra - Exotic ésotérique Vol​.​2 compilation

released March 31, 2017

Produced by Artetetra

[00:00] 01 - The Mauskovic Dance Band – A big brain
[02:22] 02 - Mårble – Archipelago
[06:55] 03 - Babau – No Light
[11:53] 04 - BICIKL – Penga
[19:07] 05 - DJ Bitcoin – €urowallets
[22:07] 06 - Kuru – Potong Jari
[28:19] 07 - Marimba – Turkish rainbow
[31:03] 08 - Hexn – Ysempar
[35:34] 09 - Holypalms – Great amazing waterfall
[40:51] 10 - Los Siquicos Litoraleños – Misterios del Amazonas
[48:38] 11 - LDGU – Dawet

[00:00] 01 - Ak'chamel – Funeral with strippers
[01:31] 02 - Rave Fosche – Percorre una bambina handicappata
[08:27] 03 - Adamennon – Parte Tetra
[12:23] 04 - Francesco Vara - Gelindo
[17:01] 05 - The Beautiful Bunker – Common mistake
[20:37] 06 - Jealousy Party – Polymorphic stomp
[26:14] 07 - Electro Summer Arcade – ラテックスキリスト
[32:44] 08 - Accou – Trajet
[37:17] 09 - Vacuum Templi – Dolorosa et violata
[39:46] 10 - Tacet Tacet Tacet – Silex
[44:18] 11 - Dián Lòng - 你妈妈的阴道 

released March 31, 2017

Tonto - Excerpts #2 (2016)

released December 27, 2016


Produced by
Weird Tapes Rekords
Still Fucking Angry
Musica Per Organi Caldi
Narvalo Suoni
Insonnia Lunare Records

released December 27, 2016

All tracks performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tonto between July and August 2016

(track 2 Side A kinda suond like "Slap dat ass" by Pornland and track 2 Side B apes "Machinegun" by Portishead)

Tacet Tacet Tacet + M.U.G - Parade Split (2016)

released December 9, 2016


Produced by

Tacet Tacet Tacet
Musica Per Organi Caldi

Tape, limited edition of 50 copies

released December 9, 2016

With Lili Refrain (voice on ɛvri'sɪŋgəldeɪ)
Tonto (voice on Parade)

Tacet Tacet Tacet - Cuncurrence Split (2016)

released September 25, 2016


Produced by Laverna Netlabel:
Free Download

released September 25, 2016

Paolo Monti (The Star Pillow) : guitar and electronics
Francesco Zedde (Tacet Tacet Tacet): no input set
Angelo Rondine (The Swan):  drums 

Tacet Tacet Tacet - Embodiment (2015)

released January 16, 2015


Produced by

Tacet Tacet Tacet
Weird Tapes Rekords

Limited edition of 100 tapes, 10 VHS, 50 CDs, 50 SDHC

released 16/1/2015

Francesco Zedde - Electronics
Alberto Amagliani - Synths
Valentina Vindusca - Violin

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tacet Tacet Tacet at Epal Underground Studio

Embodiment short film by Federico Pupeschi and Francesco Ceccarelli

Kree Mah Stre - Kecak (2014)

released September 19, 2014


Produced by Kree Mah Stre

Gabriele Scortichini - Bass, Voice
Francesco Zedde - Drums, Voice
Francesco Lilli - Dijeridoo, Voice
Alberto Amagliani - Keys, Voice

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Epal Underground Studio by Kree Mah Stre

released 19/9/2014

A.N.O. - Frizziquizzi EP (2014)

released July 21, 2014


Produced by



Bloody Sound Fucktory


released 21/7/2014

Fiordelmondo Alessandro - Guitar
Zedde Francesco - Drums
With Manuele Marani - Voice, Double bass
Words on "Frizziquizzi" by Ennio Montesi

A.N.O. - Le Migliori Canzoni D'amore (2012)

released December 1, 2012



Produced by

Limited edition of 100 handmade cardboard copies 

released 1/12/2012


Fiordelmondo Alessandro - Guitar
Zedde Francesco - Drums