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Noise Transmission Device

Radio bending workshop with Francesco Zedde

Explore No Input Mixing, Circuit Bending, and Craft Your Own DIY Electronic Instrument

Would you like to hack a radio to make it a synthesizer? Or maybe learn some basics of soldering and coding to make sound with a microprocessor? If you like funny sounds, and you have your idea for an instrument of the future, come and ask how I can help you with that! Bring your toys, telephones, radios and junk, and we’ll find out how to make alien music out of it

In this workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to create a basic "circuit bending" project. The main aim of this class is to show how it's possible to craft electronic instruments with minimal financial investment and without extensive technical expertise. Francesco Zedde will also provide both practical and theoretical insights into techniques and strategies in modern experimental music.
So! Bring an old radio and some old audio electronics and try to upcycle that - create an instrument from the future and let's make surprising sounds together. 




download Terror Transmission Device.pdf (One day workshop)

download Noise Bootcamp.pdf (Three days, workshop + lecture)

17/10/2024 - Utrecht, BAK
17/09/2024 - Berlin, TBC
14/09/2024 - Halle, Galle
13/09/2024 - Dresden, Circuit Control
09/09/2024 - Wien, TBA
05/06/2024 - Berlin, TBA w/ Cate Hops
25/05/2024 - Groningen, Orkz Bar
18/05/2024 - Hilversum, Vonk
21/04/2024 - Firenze, Suite Ohm Studio
26/02/2024 - Saint Louis (Senegal), Jangkom, Leppate loo gis jumtukaayu mbuug la (Everything is a music instrument)
12/02/2024 27/02/2024 - Gandiol, Dekandoo (Senegal), residency w/ Cate Hops
28/01/2024 - Prague, Synth Library
20/12/2023 - Bologna, Marsala 2
03/12/2023 - Dussedorf, Welt Kunst Zimmer (DIY Synth Fest) CANCELED
17/09/2020 - Rotterdam, Worm
10/01/2020 - Milano, Recipient, Otolab
23/10/2019 - Rotterdam, Worm
30/01/2019 - Altamura, MuzicPlus
19/01/2019 - Fano, Grizzly
24/11/2018 - Bologna, Nylon
06/07/2018 - Bologna, Microbo
05/07/2018 - Bologna, Microbo
04/07/2018 - Bologna, Microbo
25/03/2018 - Catania, Casa Verdi
19/03/2018 - Bologna, Microbo
13/03/2018 - Roma, Monk
28/10/2017 - Bologna, Mercato Sonato
23/04/2017 - Fasano, Track Zero