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Functional Stupidity by Tonto DROP

published April 22, 2022

Interview out now on Nikilzine

published February 20, 2022

Cerbiatto EP out now!

published October 25, 2021

Cerbiatto EP is out by Grandine Records

Artificial Stupidity out now!

published October 6, 2021

Commissioned by Interpenetration, Graz

First album by Suikeroom is out today!

published June 1, 2021

released June 1, 2021

Francesco Zedde - no input mixing
Lukas Simonis - guitar, blippoo box

Artwork by Francesco Zedde


New Tonto's release by Econore!

published May 17, 2021

Recorded live by Tonto at Freakout, Bologna, 8.9.2020
Mixed and mastered by Tonto in November 2020

Cover picture by Alessio Bucciero

released May 15, 2021

Venta Protesix drops Existential Dread Simulator

Video by Fra Zedde

Radio Buonumore drops Decalage Horaire!

Featuring ɪftitu hɑrts from Excerpts #4 by Tonto & 52HeartsWhale


Attenuation Circuit drops "lifeforms in​-​between vagabonding enemy​-​signal​-​to​-​interference"!

ANOTHER amazing compilation by Attenuation circuit. Second track is mine, Trotar was recorded live back in 2017 in Donostia at Mogambo

Chronic Fadigue drops North Western Raid by Diarrheal Blast!

New A.V. live streaming released by Threads Radio

"An eye popping coded A/V set full of thundering explosions of colour and sound." 12 hours, 24 explorations of sound. Artists as far and wide as Nairobi, Oregon, Russia, Portugal, Korea, all knitted together by spawned-from-lockdown collective XOLO. Half-hourly meanders ranging from ambience and abstraction, through beat-driven exploration, to cathartic noise. XOLO develops opportunities for sonic and visual artists at the forefront of creative exploration.

Klaustrophobie by Klang gathered V.A. out now

A new single by Tacet Tacet Tacet is included in "Klaustrophobie", a lovely compilation by the lovely people at Klang, Rome.

Skakki is the Icelandic word for "bent" or "pendant", this track was composed and recorded in the farm where Unnur Malin Sigurðardóttir, Arnar Sigurbjartsson, and their child Unnstein live, in the middle of the amazing Icelandic countryside, in June 2019