Tonto a.k.a. Fra Zedde + Lorenzo Ezla Rossi + Beppe Mondini - Secret Drum Session (2023)

released September 6, 2023

A new astonishing collaboration between Rodenfaust Records, Dischi Devastanti Sulla Faccia and Produzioni Rumorose!

This unconventional recording will take you back to July 2, 2022, when a handful of skin abusers inaugurated an improvised percussion session at the headquarters of Produzioni Rumorose, attended by Fra Zedde (evil genius behind Tonto and Lampredonto), Lorenzo Ezla Rossi (whom you have had the misfortune to encounter in bands such as BUZZZZØØKO, Calendula and LESLIExNIELSEN) and Beppe Mondini (cymbal butcher for Ottone Pesante and Meteor).

released September 6, 2023

Fra Zedde: especially drum
Lorenzo Ezla Rossi: especially drum
Beppe Mondini: especially drum

Recorded live on 07/02/2022 at Produzioni Rumorose /Desenzano del Garda - BS)
Mixed and mastered by Produzioni Rumorose

Tonto's Samplestretch Massacre #1 - Expanded, Inflated & Stretched Out! (2023)

released February 3, 2023

Gross Diskos proudly presents “Tonto’s Samplestretch Massacre # 1 – Expanded, Inflated & Stretched Out!”, as the third release from the label, since 2021’s Slow Bicycle.

Out digitally today Friday February 3rd 2023 and and physically on custom dressed extravaganza cassette edition supreme on Thursday 23rd February 2023.

Gross Diskos brand new third release of Tonto’s “Samplestretch Massacre #1” is an expanded cassette tape edition with the 6 tracks of the original EP remixed and/or reconstructed by artists who are inspired sufficiently to offer their individual treatment to the sonic outpour of Francesco Zedde (aka Tonto), making this a very special cassette/digital musical gem that will potentially further enhance the life of beautifully minded listeners out there!

V A - Protos Orofos - 12 (2023)

released January 24, 2023

This is a compilation of bands and musicians who played live at Protos Orofos from November 2019 to February 2020, including those who performed live at the event co-organized with Antigono, Suburban Crew and Ibex Konsipa at Suburbia on May 2022.

released January 23, 2023

Information about the artists
Rats in Ruin:
Thio Maho:
PS Stamps Back:
Death Drive:

Tonto - Functional Stupidity (2022)

released April 9, 2022

All songs are composed and played by Tonto, Lili Refrain, Diego Castioni, So Beast, Andrea Marinelli, Napo xyz, Paola Paganhate between Agust 2020 and June 2021 at Cabot Cove, Bologna. Cadono Teste cover of Un Quarto Morto.

Recorded and mixed by Diego Castioni at Cabot Cove, Bologna. Master by Claudio Adamo at Fonoprint Studio, Bologna. Produced by Grandine records and Tonto
Artwork by Sdolz.

Bruxisme - Tape Compilation - Vol 1 (2022)

released February 22, 2022


Bruxisme (du grec brugmos βρυγμος): mouvement inconscient sans but précis de l'appareil manducateur, soit par serrement soit par mouvements latéraux, aussi appelé "grincement de dents".

Plus d'infos sur:

released February 22, 2022

Tonto - Cerbiatto EP (2021)

released October 25, 2021

Produced by
Grandine Records

Released 25 October 2021

All songs performed by Tonto in August 2020 at Cabot Cove, Bologna Track 2 side A remixed by Hate Limbs
Track 3 side A remixed by Rico Gamondi (Uochi Toki)
Vocals on “Macboos” by Paola Paganhate (Procrastinators)
Guitar on “Oh” by Frè Zocca (Lleroy)
Recorded and mixed by Diego Castioni at Cabot Cove, Bologna Mastered by Claudio Adamo at Fonoprint Studio, Bologna
Artwork by Tonto and Lili Refrain

Tonto - Live edition #8 (2021)

released May 17, 2021


Produced by Econore

Recorded live by Tonto at Freakout, Bologna, 8.9.2020
Mixed and mastered by Tonto in November 2020

Cover picture by Alessio Bucciero

released May 15, 2021

Tonto + My Sweet Kalashnikov feat MC Gola (2019)

released March 25, 2019


Produced by Still Fucking Angry

Limited edition of 50 tapes

released March 25, 2019

Tonto - Excerpts #4 (2018)

released November 19, 2018



Produced by:
Edwood Records
Musica Per Organi Caldi
Bloody Sound Fucktory
Narvalo Suoni
OhDear Records
Koe Records
Rumori In Cantina
Still Fucking Angry
UR Suoni
Weird Tapes Rekords

Distribuited by Audioglobe

released November 19, 2018

All tunes performed on 31/4/2018 by Tonto and 52-Hearts Whale (keyboard on track 10)
Recorded by Claudio La Rosa at Dalek Studio, Messina
Mixed and Mastered by Tonto at EPAL Underground Studio
Artwork by Sdolz

Tonto - Live #1 (2017)

released November 18, 2017


Produced by
Selva Elettrica
Still Fucking Angry 

Limited edition of 100 CDs

Artwork by Tonto, Nicola Amato, Marco Cagnoni

released November 18, 2017

All tracks performed and recorded by Tonto between October 2016 and May 2017 in various locations in Europe
Mixed and mastered by Tonto at Epal Underground Studio

Tonto - Excerpts #2 (2016)

released December 27, 2016


Produced by
Weird Tapes Rekords
Still Fucking Angry
Musica Per Organi Caldi
Narvalo Suoni
Insonnia Lunare Records

released December 27, 2016

All tracks performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tonto between July and August 2016

(track 2 Side A kinda suond like "Slap dat ass" by Pornland and track 2 Side B apes "Machinegun" by Portishead)