Tacet Tacet Tacet serves as the brainchild of Francesco Zedde, also known as Tonto. Originally hailing from Italy and now residing in Utrecht, Netherlands, Francesco's project takes its name from John Cage's renowned composition, 4.33, reflecting his exploration of concrete sounds within his musical landscape. His creative output effortlessly spans across genres, encompassing elements of glitch, neo-folk, IDM, noise, drone, and ambient. When it comes to live performances, Francesco consistently complements his music with dynamic, real-time visuals.

Over a span of seven years, Francesco has graced approximately 500 stages across 19 different countries with his various musical projects. He's also made a significant mark on the music scene, releasing over 30 records in collaboration with 20 independent labels, including Econore, Selva Elettrica, Artetetra, and Midira. Francesco has had the opportunity to collaborate with notable artists such as Mark Stewart, Lili Refrain, Dj DNA, and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (HHY). Additionally, he has been actively involved in organizing 41 editions of Discomfort Dispatch, a transnational festival for improvised music, with the participation of over 350 artists from around the world.